Aya Hozumi

PhD Students

Research Interests

Understanding processes that may be motivating the spring whale shark aggregation in Al-Lith, Saudi Arabia, by characterizing the regional oceanography.

Selected Publications

​Hozumi, A., and Jones, B. (in preparation) Temporal and spatial variability of water masses at a whale
shark aggregation site in Al Lith, Red Sea: understanding potential nutrient sources and local circulation.
Hozumi, A., Rostad, A., Kaartvedt, S., and Jones, B. (in preparation) Variability of acoustic backscatter at a nearshore whale shark aggregation reef in Al Lith, Red Sea.
Hozumi, A., Hong, P., Kheireddine, M., and Jones, B. (in preparation) Physical, chemical, optical, and microbial characteristics of aquaculture discharge in the Red Sea and comparison with modeled trajectory.


​M.Sc. Conservation Biology, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2012
B.Sc. Environmental Studies, Luther College, Iowa, USA, 2010

Professional Profile

​2012-2015, PhD Student, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
2010-2012, Field and Lab Assistant, Intertidal species composition comparison at Wellington Harbour and Taputeranga Marine Reserve, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
2011, Co-author, Seabird reintroduction to Boundary Stream Mainland Island, Department of Conservation, New Zealand
2010-2011, Field and Lab Assistant, Examination of the interaction between native and introduced coastal sand dune plant species, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
2006-2010, Teacher/Lab Assistant, Introduction to Biology and East Asian Religion