Oceanographic research

Operational Oceanography and Modeling


‚ÄčThe 34m R/V Thuwal facilitates oceanographic research at KAUST in the Red Sea.

The operational oceanography research is envisioned as an integrated observing, modeling and data management system. The system will provide tools for observing the processes within the Red Sea, understanding the interactions between processes, and providing resources that facilitate managing uses of the sea. These tools will facilitate response to catastrophic events such as a contaminant spill or leak. The system combines oceanographic observations, modeling of the physical, biological, and biogeochemical processes, and an oceanographic database and display system that can provide a variety of products tailored to specific needs.

The operational oceanography research includes the following key components:

  1. Surface current mapping
  2. Autonomous vehicle hydrographic mapping and monitoring
  3. Moored sensors for currents, waves and hydrographic variables
  4. Ocean modeling    
  • Physical oceanographic models that provide 3-dimensional, time varying distributions of temperature, salinity, currents and waves.
  • Biogeochemical modeling.