Principal Investigator

  • ​Professor, Marine Science​​​​
    Research Interests: Biological networks and interactions, Environment modeling, Marine ecology, Scientific visualization, Fluid mechanics, Networks and wireless communications, Sensors

Research Scientists

  • Research Interests: Behavior, Biodiversity, Disturbances, Ecological Processes, Habitat, Reef Fishes, Marine science
  • ​Research Specialist​
  • Research Scientist​
    Research Interests: Bio-optical oceanography, Phytoplankton dynamics, Biogeochemical processes, Long-term changes in phytoplankton dynamics
  • ​Senior Research Scientist, Marine Ecosystem Assessment​
    Research Interests: Marine ecology, Patterns and processes in coastal systems, Effects of contaminants in the marine environment, Biodiversity, Habitat-species relationships

Research Group Staff

  • Project Assistant​
  • Laboratory Engineer​
    Research Interests: Ocean Optics, Analytical services, Field and Laboratory analysis - marine environments
  • ​Biological Research Technician​​​​​​
    Research Interests: Field and Laboratory analysis - marine environments, Environmental impact assessment
  • ​GIS Specialist​

    Research Interests: Spatial modeling and analysis, Scientific visualization, Numerical analysis, Geographic Information Systems

PhD Students

  • Research Interests: Marine ecology, Water quality, Marine conservation, Coastal zone management
  • Research Interests: Coral reef ecology, Ecosystem engineers, Biogeochemical cycles (CNP), Benthic-pelagic coupling, Anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs
  • Research Interests: Oceanography, Physical and biological coupling, Air-Sea interactions, HF Radar, Surface Circulation
  • Research Interests: Scientific visualization, Remote Sensing, Marine science, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis
  • Research Interests: Community ecology, Biodiversity patterns, Crypto-fauna, Coral reef biodiversity

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • DNA Metabarcoding and Marine Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research Interests: Marine ecology, Ecological status assessment, Metabarcoding, Biodiversity characterization
  • ​Ocean Observing Post-Doctoral Fellow
    Research Interests: Physical oceanography, Surface Circulation, Remote Sensing, HF Radar
  • ​Physical Oceanography Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research Interests: Autonomous Platforms, Gliders, Floats, Drifters, HF Radars and Lagrangian techniques, Thermohaline Circulation

Masters Students

  • Research Interests: Marine ecology, Molecular ecology, Priority habitat and biodiversity conservation, Non-invasive sampling techniques