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Seeking PhD and Masters Students

​We welcome high-performing potential Masters and PhD students with a background and/or interest in integrated ocean processes related to the Red Sea. In addition to the specific topics below, we encourage students with broad interests in nutrient cycling, ecosystem assessment, physical oceanography and marine GIS.
Currently, we would especially welcome expressions of interest from students attracted to the following topics:

Ecological assessment
  1. Latitudinal patterns of benthic diversity in coral reef habitats
  2. Assessing biodiversity patterns across different scales of variability in coral reefs using Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS)
  3. Molecular and morphology-based approaches studying invertebrate assemblages in Red Sea sediments: moving towards molecular-based monitoring surveys
  4. Cross-shelf and seasonal biodiversity patterns in southern Red Sea: benthic versus pelagic components

Physical-biological coupling
  1. Primary productivity in nutrient cycling
  2. Ocean optics
  3. Ocean observing, modeling and robotic systems
  4. Assessing the effects of anthropogenic and climate stressors

 Please send your CV and a brief (one-page) summary of research interests to in the first instance.