Principal Investigator

Burton H. Jones

Professor, Marine Science​​​​

Research Interests: Biological networks and interactions, Environment modeling, Marine ecology, Scientific visualization, Fluid mechanics, Networks and wireless communications, Sensors

Research Scientists

Malika Kheireddine, Ph.D.

Research Scientist​

Research Interests: Bio-optical oceanography, Phytoplankton dynamics, Biogeochemical processes, Ocean colour, carbon fluxes

Alkiviadis Kalampokis

Research scientist

Research Interests: Observational oceanography, operational oceanography, HF-radars, buoys, lagrangian systems, currents

Vincent Saderne

Research Scientist​

Research Interests: Benthic Ecology, Carbonate chemistry, Biogeosciences

PhD Students

Aislinn Dunne

Research Interests: Marine ecology, nutrient cycling, habitat connectivity

Brian Nieuwenhuis

PhD Student

Research Interests: Remote Sensing, Marine Ecosystem Ecology, Ecological Resilience, coral reefs, Elasmobranchs, Habitat Mapping

Eesaa Harris

Research Interests: Chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, ocean productivity, oligotrophic regions, tropical oceans

Ioana Andreea Ciocanaru

Research Interests: Remote Sensing, sustainable development, Monitoriong, Mangroves, Seagrass, Coral reef habitats

Postdoctoral Fellows

Radharani Sen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Physical oceanography, Observational oceanography, Numerical Ocean Modeling, tropical oceans, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Method, Finite Element Methods

administrative Team

Sushma Patil

Administrative Assistant

Field Engineer

Mustapha Ouhssain

Field Engineer

Research Interests: Ocean Optics, Analytical services, Field and Laboratory analysis - marine environments

Ibrahim Alabdali

Field Engineer


Raquel Lubambo Ostrovski


Research Interests: Shark ecology, movement ecology, physiology, reproduction, Oceanography, elasmobranch research, nutritional physiology, vertical migration, horizontal migration, telemetry research, stress physiology

Research Specialist

Yahia Battach

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Oceanography, Cloud Technologies, Software Engineering